Collierville continues on a comprehensive, long-term plan for “sustainable growth.” As envisioned in the citizen-developed Collierville 2040 Plan and I-269 Small Area Plan, we are planning for a Collierville that continues to meet the needs and wants of ALL its citizens while dedicating ourselves to maintaining our small town charm. The next four years will be a critical time for the Town of Collierville as we prepare for the exciting challenges ahead.

Now, more than ever, our elected officials must have the experience to lead Collierville into the bright, but uncertain future that awaits us.

I have been a resident of Collierville since 1985, and my wife Donna, and I have raised our six children here. I have worked as a builder and developer in Collierville for over two decades. I believe that my family and work experience, combined with my service on the Collierville Planning Commission, uniquely positions me to continue serving as your Alderman.

Join me, and together, we will continue building a prosperous community for ALL Collierville’s families.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 3, 2020. 

John Worley
Candidate, Alderman Position 3


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